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We are proud to offer cork flooring—one of the hottest trends in floor covering. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stopper manufacturing and is therefore a recycled product. It is also sustainable, because cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, which is replanted. And we’re not talking boring beige corkboards. Today’s floors have a variety of custom designs and vivid colors to suit every need and taste. In addition to its durability, cork produces a cushioned feel and sound reduction, and it’s easy to install. Ask us about cork!


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Hardwood floors lend a sense of permanence to an interior and remain as the most popular flooring choice for those who value tradition the most. Hardwood floors add such great value that they are a wonderful investment for homes. There are many varieties of hardwoods with distinct grains, texture, and appearance.  Both solid and engineered floors are available to use in different applications. Experience the warmth and richness of the finest domestic and exotic hardwood floors, with options to fit any budget. From hand-scraped to traditional classics.