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Have you considered hardwood flooring for your home?

Hardwood flooring offers options that mean you may never have to shop for flooring again, such as lifespans that could reach 100 years or more with ease. But you'll also appreciate the gorgeous appeal of timeless visuals that are always in style and match any existing décor with ease and grace. Here are some more facts about this floor covering that could help you make a well-informed decision about your floor coverings, so read along now to find out more.

Wood floors are relevant for so many spaces

Solid hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more and can be customized to meet your particular requirements. You'll get to choose the species that meet your in-house traffic requirements since each species has a certain hardness level. You can also customize your stain color, board grade and format, finish type, and installation technique to suit your needs as well.

If you have below-grade rooms, you'll find engineered materials will serve you best, offering a layered, performance-based construction that works well in damp, humid areas that may change temperature quickly. These floors offer many of the same options you'll find in solid wood but with fewer choices. However, the installation process is faster, primarily because you can float these materials.

Both products must be acclimated before installation and can require one to three days, depending on the humidity levels in and around your home. Our technicians will monitor this and begin installation when acclimation has been accomplished. Once you select a material and your preferred options, we can quote an installation time, so contact us today.

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Our wood floors will serve you well

At Cal-Coast Carpet Warehouse, we have an impressive inventory of hardwood flooring materials that save you money and cater to your most essential flooring requirements. We currently only offer a shop at home and appointment-only shopping options, but we are available by phone for information, consultation, and advice. When you're ready to add wood floors to your home, we're prepared to work with you to get the job done promptly.

From our showroom in Oceano, CA, we serve residents from Oceano, CA, San Luis Obispo, CA, Santa Maria, CA, Arroyo Grande, CA, Avila Beach, CA, Pismo Beach, CA, Grover Beach, CA, and Nipomo, CA. When you make your appointment, we will ensure you waste no time on products that won't work in your home. When you shop with us, we'll see to it that you find the best solid or engineered wood flooring for your home.